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Expatriates Compensation

Expatriations are one of the most distinctive and powerful tools for companies operating in more than one country. Policies governing the use of this tool particularly affect the balance between costs - which are often comparatively high - and the attractiveness of the international assignments a company offers.

The expatriation process involves considering many technical and professional aspects, but also contains personal, social and cultural elements, which can often be the cause that makes an expatriate choose to return to his or her country earlier than expected. The main cause of an unsuccessful expatriation is the lack of foresight and the consequent improvisation. The expatriate's family is a key and strategic consideration in this process, and this must be reflected in the policies, procedures, and even in the communication and coaching the expatriate receives.

CompStrategy can help identify the drivers of expatriation and design approaches and policies for different types of expatriations. Among other aspects, CompStrategy helps its clients with:

These are some of our Areas of Expertise: