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Pulse and Opinion Surveys

Is there or did we miss some way to make the business more efficient, more attractive or more profitable?

Obtaining the opinion of employees will give us a more complete picture of what works well- and what doesn't -and which sectors of your company could benefit from certain actions. The most successful companies use Opinion Surveys to generate these positive changes from within. These types of Surveys aim to understand employees' opinions on issues that are critical to the success of the business and different aspects of their work that will allow us to introduce relevant and effective improvements.

Surveys can be conducted on a regular basis (e.g. annually) seeking information on a broad set of topics related to the employee's bond with the Company, workplace and interrelationship with leaders, peers and other contacts.

Surveys can also be conducted to inquire about a specific topic, to find out employees' reactions to a specific work situation, problem or event. These two types of surveys differ in the following:

General Surveys Pulse Surveys
They allow to obtain the opinion of the collaborators in a broad and detailed form Enable to obtain quick and frequent feedback from employees
May require more than 20 minutes to complete They are answered in less than 10 minutes and even less
It is usually performed annually or more Are performed at any opportune time where specific information is required to make a decision
They are focused on finding opportunities for improvement and resource allocation by "sweeping" multiple issues They are focused on obtaining information on a particular topic in order to decide how to act on that topic

The rule is as follows: If there is a particular concern the ideal is to use a Pulse Survey. If there is no particular concern or issue it is time to conduct a General Survey.

CompStrategy has the best tool that allows you to conduct surveys of both types (General or Pulse) in an agile, fast and efficient manner called CompPulse.

The main features of CompPulse are: If you need to conduct an Opinion Survey do not hesitate to contact us. CompStrategy helps its clients to achieve a level of excellence in conducting General Surveys and Pulse Surveys including:
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