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Total Rewards Statements

Total Rewards Statements -or Total Compensation Reports- are an effective way to communicate to employees the real value of their compensation package. They include information regarding base salary, incentives and benefits, and each component is given a monetary value, showing the employee the cash value of their package, and generating a comprehensive view, much higher than considering only the basic payment.

It is common for employees to be unaware of the monetary value of the benefits they receive, particularly those whose cost to the Company is not less, such as additional contributions to guarantee medical coverage for the family group, company car, or annual medical check-up.

This tool can even display, highlight and value items that are usually not considered compensation such as extra vacation or additional leave. Or those whose value is not so obvious, for example Long Term Incentives.

The Total Compensation Reports can be displayed on the intranet, extranet/cloud, in pdf and sent by mail, or delivered on paper. Online systems may require a higher initial investment than printed solutions, but provide a better return on investment due to continuous access, ease of updating and real-time information supply, as well as a lower risk of making a mistake.

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