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Job Descriptions

The classic approach focuses the attention of the employees on the "boundaries" of the job, using the descriptions as operational tools.There is a lack of connection between what an employee does and what the organization as a whole does. We can change this picture if, instead of describing positions in terms of their tasks and responsibilities, we define them in relation to their contribution to the success of the organization.

The strategic approach focuses on the influence that each employee has on the company's results. In this way, employees can see where and how they fit into the value creation process in the organization, so they feel more connected and motivated. In this scenario, employees are hired, evaluated, and rewarded for helping the organization achieve success, rather than completing their tasks.

Strategic job descriptions, focused on employee contributions to organizational success, become a much more powerful tool because they direct employee behaviors and decisions to outcomes rather than tasks. They set expectations and put employees on notice that task accomplishment is not enough. To be successful, those tasks must result in a positive impact on the organization. In fact, a job that has no impact on the organization is one that we do not need.

CompStrategy can help to describe and rewrite the positions in a strategic way, trying to make the most of the possibilities of this tool. Our services in Job Descriptions can include the following elements:
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