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CompStrategy works with its clients to ensure that the Job Evaluation Process is aligned with the needs, culture, and values of their organization. Job evaluation systems - or universal ones - often have different problems depending on the industry of the company where they are applied. For example, they overestimate a certain factor or lose precision when evaluating initial positions or at the bottom of the organizational pyramid.

Our knowledge of Job Evaluation Systems allows us to work with your current system, modifying and improving it, or create a new system to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Furthermore, we have a general methodology oriented to the design of a customized evaluation system , highly efficient, that allows to reflect with precision the relative importance of the positions within your Company, according to the criterion and the own values of the Business. It is a system of factors and points, which uses between 10 and 14 compensable factors that can be modified to reflect the needs of your Organization.

The final product is supported by tools that allow you to enter and analyze the results of the Job Evaluation, identify and evaluate any equity issues and evaluate new jobs without the need to call on us or other consultants.

Our goal is to transfer our knowledge to the Client so that he can be totally self-sufficient at the end of the Project.

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