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Offboarding Compensation

Dismissing an employee is an important part of a company's life. This process can be influenced by emotional factors and therefore it is necessary to be prepared in advance. It becomes critical to know the best market practices and how they complement current legislation. Likewise, it is necessary to have a clear policy that considers the company's culture and the background of the person to be dismissed, and that may give rise to negotiation, but under parameters and ranges defined beforehand.

Not all scenarios require the same solution. It is advisable to differentiate between different types of unwithdrawal without cause: performance, mutual agreement, restructuring, mergers or acquisitions, or disloyalty.

The objective sought will be to generate the least possible impact on the rest of the employees, controlling costs and not incurring unnecessary legal risks. In this aspect, CompStrategy can help with:
These are some of our Areas of Expertise: